Outline of Investment

Consultative Sales Academy's CSC program includes a pre-curriculum assessment, a required introduction module and up to eight core consultative sales competency modules. To be certified, you must prove competence in all eight core consultative sales competencies by passing both the skills and knowledge and the behavioral application requirements.

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Consultative Sales Certification Curriculum

(Approximately 6 to 12 Months of Training, Coaching, Real-Life Application and Development)

More than a single training event, this is a comprehensive approach to developing a consultative sales approach and service competence. Learners participate in group activities, individual learning modules, on the job application, individual and group coaching sessions and individual feedback.

What's Included in the Certification Curriculum?

  • Pre and post curriculum skills and knowledge assessment
  • Live orientation and kick off meeting and workshop
  • Eight individual e-Learning modules
  • Individual application exercises with personalized coaching and written feedback
  • Monthly online group coaching sessions
  • Certification crest and CEU credits where applicable
  • Access to your personal coach and peer collaboration
  • Individual learning guides per module

Full Curriculum Investment

Description Per Participant
Individual Training incl. 1-on-1 Coaching for All Inclusive CSA-CSC Training Program $2,980
Public Group Training incl Group Coaching for All Inclusive CSA-CSC Training Program $2,480

Optional ala Carte Sales Training Modules

While we recommend that you participate in the comprehensive certification curriculum, we understand that there are times where sales and service professionals wish to participate in elective courses. The following outlines the investment based on individual course enrollment. Please note that this does not include any of the aforementioned group meetings or coaching sessions. Learners may opt for individual coaching and written feedback with each module.

Description Individual Modules Modules with Coaching
Consultative Sales Skills and Knowledge Assessment $95 N/A
Individual Consultative Sales Training e-learning Modules (per module) $295 $495

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Consultative Sales Academy

Consultative Sales Certification is offered by Consultative Sales Academy.
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