How Consultative Sales Certification Works

1   Skills and Knowledge Assessment

Consultative Sales Academy

This online assessment is used to benchmark your skills and knowledge before and after the program. Your personal coach will help you set specific goals for the program based on your individual results.

2    Orientation and Kick Off

During your orientation meeting, you will meet your coach, receive your learning plan and instructions for accessing your online portal. You will also be introduced to the Consultative Sales Model that is foundational to this curriculum.

3    Individual e-Learning

We understand that sitting in a classroom is not always the best or most convenient method of learning. Approximately once a month, you will work on e-learning to further develop skills in conjunction with the group or individual training calendar. You will concentrate on one core sales competency at a time and will practice and apply skills in an engaging and interactive format.

4    Individual Application & Coaching

Training is only as effective as it is applied. After completing the monthly e-Learning, you will plan and apply the skills during customer interactions. Then, through your online portal, you will report on your experiences and receive feedback from your coach. This feedback provides valuable insights for moving forward in your sales initiatives based on your specific situations.

5    Coaching and Support

Coaching and support is infused throughout this curriculum. You will have access to your personal coach through your individual dashboard, where you will also access your modules and exercises.

Teams that enroll will also attend online group coaching sessions where you will share best practices and review key concepts. We also offer coaching guides for sales managers to support concepts individually as well as agendas for sales meetings to reinforce skills. Teams are concisdered groups of 5 or more participants.

6    Communication & Collaboration

You will receive a personal dashboard for the purposes of communicating with coaches and peers, to share best practices, to deploy e-Learning and for group collaboration.

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