Core Competencies and Corresponding Skills

Consultative Sales Academy

Consultative Sales Certification provides standards of measurement based on core consultative sales competencies.

Core competencies for these standards represent consultative/solution-oriented sales skills, strategies and behaviors based on best practices of top sales performers in various business segments. The core competencies have continued to evolve over twenty-five years of assessing key performance indicators and standards.

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To obtain Consultative Sales Certification, participants must demonstrate knowledge, application and integration of the core consultative sales competencies and corresponding skills, knowledge and behaviors. Outlined below are the measurements to ensure commitment and application to this process and corresponding skills.


Relevance and intent to apply and commit to skills and process.
  • Evaluation sheets completed with each module.

Measurement of knowledge of required competencies.
  • Skills and knowledge assessment conducted pre and post curriculum. Post curriculum knowledge requirement of 70% or higher.
  • Evaluated by coaches after each module via online discussions and group/individual coaching.

Demonstrated or documented on the job application of skills, knowledge and behaviors.
  • Application exercises submitted with adequate evidence of appropriate application of skills, knowledge and strategies based on coaches' evaluation.
  • Passing grade of 3 (out of 5) minimum on all application exercises submitted.
Integration and Commitment

Demonstrated ability.
  • Impact Evaluation conducted at the completion of the curriculum. Learners may be asked to demonstrate the ability to utilize the Consultative Sales Process by planning a relevant sales/account strategy and demonstrating the interactions/skills to support that strategy. This may be completed in steps, or at one time depending on logistics and may be conducted during customer interface or via web-based coaching. Also, learners will be asked to report personal results of the program.

CSC Competencies/Standards of Performance

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  • Applies the Consultative Selling Model, Process and Corresponding Skills
    • Demonstrates a solution-oriented approach to selling.
    • Demonstrates value specific to each customer.
    • Seeks to understand needs beyond the obvious.
    • Provides innovative solutions for customers.
    • Utilizes questioning skills appropriately.
    • Gains deep understanding of core customer business and process.
    • Is prepared, conducts appropriate pre and post call-planning.
    • Articulates value proposition appropriate to each level of contact.
    • Uses support technology appropriately depending on the interaction or presentation.
  • Expands Business with Current and Potential Accounts/Customers
    • Analyzes most profitable sales efforts.
    • Develops, prioritizes and maintains a territory plan.
    • Assesses individual account value/potential.
    • Creates SMART sales call objectives.
    • Utilizes customer profile information to develop account strategy and relationships.
    • Demonstrates effective telephone prospecting skills.
    • Sells to multi-level influencers.
    • Strategizes with sales manager/team members.
    • Develops strategies for each key influencer.
    • Stays current on relevant market/industry trends.
    • Utilizes effective prospecting tools.
    • Utilizes current technology to research and network.
    • Makes sales contact according to prioritized plan.
    • Proves significance with each sales contact.
  • Effectively Influences
    • Builds relationships with multiple influencers.
    • Builds relationships based on importance to the customer.
    • Identifies dominant customer behavioral styles.
    • Adjusts sales approach based on styles.
    • Demonstrates value proposition specific to the behavioral style of the customer.
  • Effectively Communicates
    • Identifies communication style and most appropriate means of communication for each customer.
    • Uses sales aids based on communication style/preference.
    • Adjusts presentation to meet the needs of various behavioral and communication styles.
    • Clarifies vague messages to increase understanding.
    • Encourages dialogue with customers to understand needs.
  • Overcomes Stalls and Objections
    • Clarifies stalls to the sale to verify the concern.
    • Develops answers to most common objections.
    • Uses proof sources to overcome skepticism.
    • Uses consequences to overcome indifference.
    • Gains commitments in response to price inquiries.
    • Quantifies value in terms of cost versus price.
    • Overcomes price concerns and other opposition type objections by minimizing.
  • Gains Commitments
    • Recognizes buying signs.
    • Responds to opportunities to gain commitments.
    • Diffuses negativity professionally.
    • Applies convincer strategies where appropriate.
    • Demonstrates a consultative approach to gaining commitments.
    • Eliminates or reduces buyer anxieties or fears associated with commitment.
  • Provides timely service, builds rapport, reacts to customer inquiries and strategically follows-up with customers to build relationships.
    • Responds quickly to customer inquiries.
    • Seeks to understand the need of customer initiated calls or interactions.
    • Directs customers to best solutions based on expressed needs, inquiries or problems.
    • Keeps promises or commitments.
    • Makes honest/accurate claims.
    • Builds trust and rapport.
    • Seeks to exceed customer expectations.
    • Clarifies responses to customer follow-up.
    • Keeps customer profile information to strategically build relationships.
  • Utilizes collaborative negotiation skills to plan and execute a win-win for both customer and company.
    • Seeks mutual problem solving for a win/win solution.
    • Utilizes a collaborative approach to negotiation where appropriate.
    • Determines the best negotiation approach to use depending on pre-negotiation knowledge.
    • Makes concessions conditional.
    • Plans for successful negotiations.
    • Makes concessions that improve profitability.
    • Recognizes powers and strengths in negotiation.
    • Recognizes and overcomes buyer tactics.
    • Utilizes negotiation positions that best suit conditions.
    • Plans for how different customers negotiate.
    • Identifies non-monetary concessions and uses them appropriately.
    • Applies the rules of win-win negotiations.

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