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  • How does this work?

    The Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program is a comprehensive approach for enhancing sales capability and performance. Participants concentrate on a specific core consultative sales competency approximately once a month through e-learning, deliberate application, feedback, coaching and peer collaboration.

  • What does it mean to be certified?

    To receive Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) proves capability and excellence in all of the core consultative sales competencies. Participants that are certified have demonstrated required knowledge, on the job application and sales results. Those who are certified have not only met the requirements of certification, but also demonstrate integrity and a commitment to excellence.

  • What do I gain from certification?

    87% percent of those who are certified report increased sales and earnings as a direct result of the program. Those who are certified and apply what they learn earn approximately 33% more than their peers. In addition, this program may qualify you for college or continuing education credits.

  • Can I enroll at any time?

    Yes, there are two enrollment options:

    • Individual Enrollment - With this option individuals work at their own pace to complete certification. Individuals develop one core competency at a time by completing e-learning, on the job application and coaching.
    • Team Enrollment - This option is terrific for sales teams of five or more who wish to develop consultative sales capabilities together. Teams work on the same calendar to complete monthly e-learning, individual application and group coaching and collaboration. This option includes additional coaching options and resources.
  • Is this for beginner or veteran salespeople?

    This program is designed for sales professionals from beginner to veteran who are currently active in sales/business development roles. Various levels are accommodated by this program because of the customized coaching and application. You will apply the concepts to existing sales situations, so it is important that enrollees are active in a sales capacity. Every salesperson is good at something and most have areas to improve. This program enables you to maximize your strengths and develop your sales ability through application and coaching.

  • How is this different than any other sales training class?

    This is not a single training program, but is a comprehensive approach to sales performance development. While training is a key component of this program, it is application and performance that matters. Through our research we have proven that sales and service performance is enhanced when you concentrate on one competency at a time, deliberately apply the concepts learned during interactions with customers (real life role play) report on your experiences and receive coaching and feedback.

  • How long does it take to complete certification?

    The average time spent to complete certification is between 8-12 months. Your advisor will help you decide the right pace. Remember that this is not just about training; you need time to learn skills, apply them on the job, reflect on your experiences and get coaching and feedback. That usually requires about one month per competency.

  • How do I gain certification?

    To be Consultative Sales Certified (CSC) means that you have met specific standards aligned to nine core consultative sales competencies. You must meet the knowledge requirements by passing a pre and post curriculum assessment. You must also pass application requirements, which demonstrates that you have successfully adjusted your sales behavior during customer interactions. This is accomplished through an online portal where you submit examples of your experiences and receive coaching to advance your sales objectives.

  • What is included?
    Included with each enrollment:
    • Background Surveys – To understand the individual backgrounds, sales environments and perspectives of each participant. Pre and Post Curriculum Skills and Knowledge Assessments – Conducted pre and post curriculum to benchmark and measure knowledge gains, for individual goal setting and for coaching purposes.
    • Orientation Meeting – Conducted via online meeting. Approximately two hours. During this meeting we introduce participants to the consultative sales module and corresponding skill sets as well as to their personal dashboard to access modules and correspond with coaches and peers.
    • Monthly e-Learning Modules (8 Modules – See Curriculum) – These modules are core to the Consultative Sales Model and Competencies. Learners will focus on one core competency each month, reflected in the modules. (Individual enrollees may work at their own pace.)
    • Application Exercises and Coaching Feedback – Learning is only as effective as it is applied. Participants will deliberately apply concepts learned from each module during interactions with clients. Through their online portal, learners reflect on their experiences and submit exercises to their coach who in turn provides written feedback.
    • Web-based Portal – Each individual enrolled in the program will have access to their modules and coaching exercises through the CSC portal. Team enrollees may collaborate with other participating sales team members through this portal as well as communicate with their coach. Participants maintain access to the modules and exercises for up to a year after completion of the program.
    • Individual Learning Guides – Each enrollee receives an individual learning guide for each e-learning module included in the program (8) plus an individual learning plan which details the logistics and program calendar.
    • Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) – Awarded to individuals who complete the learning and application requirements as described in the standards for certification.
    Included with Team Enrollments:
    • Monthly Web Meetings/Coaching Sessions – Group participants (team enrollments) attend monthly web-based meetings facilitated by CSC coaches. These meetings focus on specific competencies and provide a forum for sharing best practices and coaching. One web based meeting will be included per group each month. Minimum group size for team enrollments is five.
    • Individual Coaching Guides – Companies that enroll their teams receive coaching guides for each CSC module that outline the desired behaviors for each competency as well as suggestions for coaching.
    • Optional Coaching for Sales Managers – Optional "Coach the Coach" for sales managers with teams enrolled in CSC. (Quoted separately)
  • What if I don’t want to receive certification? Can I just take a single class?

    Sure, you may enroll in single classes at any time. However, to be certified you must prove competence in all nine core consultative sales competencies.

  • Do I need to complete all nine sessions to earn certification?

    To be certified, you must pass all of the knowledge and application requirements.

  • Who is my coach?

    Your coach is a qualified professional with several years of sales management and coaching experience. This person may be assigned through our organization, or may be a sales manager within your private company depending on the program that you are enrolled in.

  • What is the investment?

    Please review the Outline of Investment for specific pricing information.

  • How was Consultative Sales Certification developed?

    CSC is based on research and competency modeling of top sales performers in various industries over a period of fifteen years. Please refer to the Core Competencies and Corresponding Skills for a list of the competencies and skills introduced throughout the program.

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