Speaking Your Customers' Language

Enhance your communication with internal and external customers by identifying communication styles and applying effective communication, listening and rapport building skills.

We use all of our senses when we communicate. Yet, we all have a preferred sense. A right-handed person can eat with their left hand, but is more comfortable using their right. The same is true with communication. It’s essential that we are able to quickly identify the preferred languages of our customers in order to apply the right approach to that person. By doing so, we will be more effective at expressing our ideas. In essence, we will make it easier for our customers to understand our messages and therefore will expedite the sales process.

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify and adapt to how people communicate
  • Employ the logic that reaches customers best
  • Increase persuasiveness
  • Adjust to each customers' subconscious language
  • Understand visual, auditory and kinesthetic communication
  • Accelerate understanding or written and verbal communication
  • Utilize sales and service aids appropriate to customer preferences
  • Understanding true meaning/listening
  • Clarifying using open ended questions

Key Skill Sets Introduced

  • Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Communication
  • Listening and Clarifying
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