Handling Stalls and Objections

This module will prepare you to handle even the most difficult objections. Learn how to handle stalls, overcome customer doubt, get customers who are dragging their feet to make a commitment and learn to quantify value over price objections.

Objections are really very easy to deal with if you understand what you are dealing with. "This sounds good", "Let me talk to my partner", "Let me think it over", "Call me back in a month or so". Sound familiar? The first stall you hear has a 3% chance of being the true intent of the customer. This course introduces processes associated with clarifying, categorizing and answering objections. Additionally, it introduces the skills necessary to emphasize value, benefits and features appropriately.

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Learning Objectives

  • Utilize features and benefits to demonstrate value
  • Overcome initial stalls to the sale
  • Overcome skepticism and doubt
  • Get customers who are dragging their feet to make a decision
  • Quantify cost vs. price for the customer
  • Minimize the importance of price in the buying decision
  • Develop answers to the most common objections

Key Skill Sets Introduced

  • Clarifying Stalls
  • Positioning Value
  • Categorizing Objections
  • Overcoming Skepticism, Indifference and Opposition
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