Gaining Commitments and Closing the Sale

Gaining commitments is a natural part of the consultative sales process when applied correctly. As a result of this module you will eliminate fear of commitment, recognize buying signs & appeal to different "convincer" strategies to confirm the sale.

Sometimes salespeople think of closing as a single event. If you follow the relationship sales model, you have probably already determined that closing is something that happens throughout the entire sales process. When opportunities arise to reinforce decisions and gain commitments, that’s closing. In consultative selling, the "final close" becomes a much smaller activity than the rest of the sales process.

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Learning Objectives

  • Incorporate closing into the consultative sales process.
  • Eliminate causes of fear associated with closing for both you and the customer.
  • Recognize buying signs and how to act on them.
  • Use persuasive techniques by recognizing and appealing to convincer strategies.
  • Affirm the sale in a non-pushy yet assertive fashion.

Key Skill Sets Introduced

  • Recognize Buying Signs
  • Persuasive Techniques
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